Assembly is the highest governing body of Kooperativa, and it is composed of the delegates of the association members, with one vote in the Assembly. The Assembly meets in session at least once every two years, when called together by the Management Board. The Assembly can make valid decisions if at least one third of the Association's members are present, and decisions are made by majority of votes of the present members, except in cases when the Statute defines a different majority.


  • defines the direction in which Kooperativa will develop,
  • adopts the Statute of Kooperativa and its amendments;
  • adopts and amends the three-year strategic plan of Kooperativa activities and the accompanying financial plan;
  • adopts and amends the Rules of Procedure which it uses to define the ways of working and decision-making in detail
  • adopts other acts and decisions necessary for the work of Kooperativa;
  • elects and dismisses the members of the Management Board;
  • considers and adopts the report on the work of Kooperativa;
  • establishes and appoints committees and other bodies as appropriate, and defines their tasks;
  • decides on the admission and exclusion of the members of Kooperativa;
  • decides on the termination of the Kooperativa's activities;
  • performs other duties defined by the Act or Statute.