Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture

HEADQUARTERS:Bul. Partizanski Odredi 21 (Porta Bunjakovec) A2/3/2, app. 4.1000 SkopjeRepublic of Macedonia EMAIL: contact@lokomotiva.org.mk WEBSITE: http://www.lokomotiva.org.mk/ Lokomotiva – Centre for new initiative in arts and culture was founded in 2003 in Macedonia, Skopje as a non-profit organization playing the role of a multi-purpose platform for education, reflection, discussions, creative projects and critical thinking. Programs are… Continue reading Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture


HEADQUARTERS:Leninova 24/31000 Skopje Republic of North Macedonia EMAIL: ngokontrapunkt@gmail.com WEBSITE: http://ngo-kontrapunkt.blogspot.com/ Kontrapunkt is an organization established in 2001 in Skopje, with main focus on critical theory, political philosophy, critical activism, and the relationship between art and politics.Since its beginning, Kontrapunkt has been committed to the idea of encouraging, developing and promoting new artistic and cultural… Continue reading Kontrapunkt

Jadro – Association of the independent culture scene

HEADQUARTERS:Albert Ajnstajn 21000 SkopjeRepublic of North Macedonia EMAIL: jadroasocijacija.nks@gmail.com WEBSITE: Jadro – Association of Independent Cultural Scene is a non-profit, inclusive, participatory and advocacy platform that seeks to strengthen the independent cultural sector and its impact on the creation and practice of cultural policies, while fostering processes of democratization in culture, civil sector and society… Continue reading Jadro – Association of the independent culture scene

Freedom Square

HEADQUARTERS:Jurij Gagarin 28 4/41000 SkopjeMacedonia The need to found the association Freedom Square arose from the existing political, cultural and social state of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and Skopje. The emergence of new forms of abuse of urbanism and architecture for the purpose of populist and nationalist policies, imposed a real necessity… Continue reading Freedom Square

Contemporary Art Center – Skopje

HEADQUARTERS:bul. Goce Delcev, DTC Mavrovka Lamela A 1/101000 SkopjeRepublic of North Macedonia EMAIL: scca@scca.org.mk WEBSITE: http://www.cac.org.mk/ Contemporary Art Center – Skopje is cultural organization that facilitates artistic and cultural production in order to improve overall cultural life in Macedonia through development and support to diverse cultural initiatives. CAC’s mission is to promote creative art activism… Continue reading Contemporary Art Center – Skopje