Davor Mišković

Davor Mišković is a cultural worker from Rijeka. He is a director of the cultural organization Drugo more. Most of his work is related to programing, research and fundraising in Drugo more. Beside that he was involved in advocacy for independent cultural scene, creation of policy documents and cultural strategies for national and local authorities.… Continue reading Davor Mišković

Tihana Pupovac

Tihana Pupovac, theoretician and cultural worker, has been working as the coordinator of Kooperativa since 2020. For the last ten years, she’s been active on the independent cultural scene in Croatia and the region, developing and implementing numerous projects, events and publications related to the cultural heritage of Yugoslavia, memory studies, urbanism etc. She was… Continue reading Tihana Pupovac

Vullnet Sanaja

Vullnet Sanaja is a cultural worker and activist as well as the co-founder of Anibar. Throughout the past 14 years he has been engaged in advocacy, debate and civic initiatives related to the use and management of public infrastructure, development of cultural policies through civic-public partnership and creation of better conditions for the independent culture… Continue reading Vullnet Sanaja

Mirela Travar

Mirela Travar is an activist, advocator and facilitator in the civil society sector in Croatia. Her main focuses are participative governance, public policy, and independent culture. As an educator, she worked with over 100 civil society organizations active in different sectors in the Region and in Europe. She also has a rich experience working with… Continue reading Mirela Travar

Iva Čukić

Iva Čukić graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade where she earned her PhD in urban planning. The areas of her research include urban commons and urban transformation, which she pursues through intersecting academic and activist perspective. She actively works with the community – supporting local initiatives in their efforts to address spatial issues and… Continue reading Iva Čukić