Kaća Dimitrijević

Born 1987. in Mostar. Went to primary school in Užice, graduated as a legal technician in the legal administration high school in Belgrade. Graduated painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Belgrade University. In the year 2012., as her undergraduate studies were coming to a conclusion, she joined the collective that was occupying… Continue reading Kaća Dimitrijević

Tamara Spalajković

Tamara Spalajković (Belgrade, 1996) During my studies of Sculpture, I was active in Ulicna galerija and Institut for Applause collective in Belgrade. In 2019 I started master studies at the studio of Video in FaVU Brno, where I was active in the initiation of the school magazine Bublina. In September I am starting phd studies… Continue reading Tamara Spalajković

Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić

A poetic media explorer and anti-disciplinary practitioner working at the intersection of artists research, curatorship and art pedagogy. She explores intertwined connections of collaboration, communication, identity, language and knowledge production in regards to our interaction with technology and nature. Facilitating „experiential action-thought choreographies“ her practice becomes collaborative, ephemeral and processual in nature. For 6 years… Continue reading Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić

Stefan Stefanović

Stefan Stefanovic (Gornji Milanovac, 1990) is a writer and performer interested in transmedia storytelling and game design. Graduated Serbian literature and language at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Belgrade with a master’s studies in Art and Design of video games in Belgrade. He creates in various art fields and genres, and his… Continue reading Stefan Stefanović

Petra Matić

Petra Matić is a museologist and cultural activist based in Zagreb, Croatia­. She is an alumna of ruangrupa, Bureau d’Études, and the University of Zagreb. She is the president of the cultural association Jutro, the vice president of the Managing Board of Cultural Centre Peščenica, and member of the international art group office. She has… Continue reading Petra Matić

Oriada Dajko

Oriada Dajko, who graduated in cultural heritage, has expressed her commitment to various cultural projects in the Balkans. As part of the Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture, she has been part of different cultural projects and research studies such as “Vademecum Albania”, published by IDMC and the Federal Foundation for the Study of the… Continue reading Oriada Dajko

Nino Kovačić

Nino Kovačić is a freelance author, film festival cooperator and cultural events coordinator, media educator and film critic from Zagreb, Croatia. He worked as a part of the programming and production team at various film festivals, including Animafest, ZagrebDox, Zagreb Film Festival and 25fps. As an independent author, he wrote for numerous culture and media… Continue reading Nino Kovačić

Nenad Mikalački

Nenad Mikalački was born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. He is graduate of film and TV directing at the National University of Drama and Film (UNATC) in Bucharest/Romania. He produced and directed fiction films and documentaries, among them MrMr, The Last Swan Lake and At Home, the winner of Robert Bosch Stiftung coproduction prize in 2009.… Continue reading Nenad Mikalački

Nataša Dendić

As a person from traumatized generations, all my life I try to make an effect in the local community and to work on awareness of people around me. Graduated at Political science in Belgrade my first activism steps were on the streets of Belgrade as a student. Later I worked as a journalist and librarian… Continue reading Nataša Dendić

Nataša Bodrožić

Nataša Bodrožić is a curator and cultural worker from Zagreb and Trogir, Croatia. She is the initiator and co-founder of the Slobodne veze/ Loose Associations, contemporary art platform as well as of the Motel Trogir project. A strong believer in collaborative creation, she co-curated numerous exhibitions in Croatia and abroad including two international biennials of… Continue reading Nataša Bodrožić