United Artists Labour

HEADQUARTERS:Savska 511000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: bojan.djordjev@gmail.com Transformed out of the TkH platform, United Artists Labour is an independent (institutionally non-aligned, non-academic) platform for performative theoretical-artistic activism. It is made up of theorists and artists dealing with performance art, theater, film and visual arts.

Station – Service for Contemporary Dance

HEADQUARTERS:Cultural center Magacin, Kraljevića Marka 411000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: stanica.info@gmail.com WEBSITE: http://www.dancestation.org/ STATION Service for contemporary dance is a bottom-up initiative of the contemporary dance and performing arts community in Serbia, established in 2005. It has been working towards making that community strengthened, structured, and recognized as a dynamic, critical and inclusive player on a local,… Continue reading Station – Service for Contemporary Dance

Remont – Independent Artistic Association

HEADQUARTERS:Maršala Birjuzova 711000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: remont@remont.net WEBSITE: http://www.remont.net/ Remont – Independent Artistic Association is a dynamic organization operating in the field of contemporary visual arts. It was established by the group of progressive artists and art historians back in 1999. Through a wide range of activities – exhibiting, digitization, publishing, education, advisory, representative – Remont… Continue reading Remont – Independent Artistic Association

Ministry of Space

HEADQUARTERS:Đušina Street 3411000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: info@ministarstvoprostora.org WEBSITE: https://ministarstvoprostora.org/ Ministry of Space was established in 2010, initially aiming to activate unused spaces through direct action and municipal negotiations. Over time, organizational mission evolved to encourage and foster citizens’ participation and mobilization in defining public interest, advocating for democratization of local decision-making. MoS works within the areas… Continue reading Ministry of Space

Kiosk – Platform for contemporary art

HEADQUARTERS:Vlajkovićeva 22 11000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: kioskngo@gmail.com WEBSITE: http://www.kioskngo.net/ Kiosk is an art organization which initiates and facilitates collaboration between artists, cultural workers and citizens, believing that artistic practices foster openness and provide better understanding of social and political difficulties underlying modern society. Using various formats, like photography, video, performative art and exhibition making Kiosk merges… Continue reading Kiosk – Platform for contemporary art

Fund B92 / Cultural center Rex

HEADQUARTERS:Obilicev venac 211000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: rex@B92.net WEBSITE: http://rex.b92.net/ Cultural Centre REX is a place for research, realization and promotion of contemporary cultural production. Cultural Centre Rex is dedicatedly providing support to socially engaged artistic practices and critical social dialogue. Since 1994, Rex has (co)produced and (co)organized several hundreds of projects in socially engaged film, contemporary… Continue reading Fund B92 / Cultural center Rex

Association of citizens SEEcult.org

HEADQUARTERS:27. marta 26/13 11000 Belgrade Serbia EMAIL: redakcija@seecult.org WEBSITE: http://www.seecult.org/ SEEcult.org is a NGO founded in 2002 in Belgrade with the aim to help development of an open cultural and art scene in the South Eastern Europe, to contribute to promotion of multicultural and international cooperation in the region and beyond, and to encourage the… Continue reading Association of citizens SEEcult.org

Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia

HEADQUARTERS:Kraljevića Marka 411000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: koordinator@nezavisnakultura.net WEBSITE: http://www.nezavisnakultura.net/ Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia is a joint platform of organisations, initiatives and individuals in the fields of culture and arts in Serbia. By implementation and exchange of programmes in Serbia and abroad, by activities that build capacities of the Association as well as its members,… Continue reading Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia