ISU — Institute of contemporary art 

HEADQUARTERS:Gipos 5/2/2 81250 CetinjeMontenegro EMAIL: WEBSITE: ISU – Institute of contemporary art is an NGO founded by a few independent artists and art theoreticians in Montenegro, ISU is a nonprofit organization for art-production, research and education.The Main goals of ISU are developing and inter-mediating in artistic, theoretical, research and educational productions, which reflect… Continue reading ISU — Institute of contemporary art 

Foundation Shtatëmbëdhjetë (17)

HEADQUARTERS:Henrik Bariç, nr.5Prishtinë 10000Kosovo EMAIL: WEBSITE: Shtatëmbëdhjetë (17) began as a collaborative duo, with the aim of making visually and intellectually engaging artwork that explores social and psychological perspectives through experimental video art. The work the duo developed highlighted the need to refunctionalize alternative public spaces. As a result, Shtatëmbëdhjetë was registered as… Continue reading Foundation Shtatëmbëdhjetë (17)

Youth Cultural Centre “Abrašević”

HEADQUARTERS:Alekse Šantića 2588000 MostarBosnia and Herzegovina EMAIL: WEBSITE: OKC Abrasevic originated from a need for an active and safe space which would offer citizens, and especially youth, the possibility for work and creative expression, cultural education, broad-minded social discussion, analysis and critque of contemporary BH and globalized society. Abrasevic grew (up) from the… Continue reading Youth Cultural Centre “Abrašević”

Youth Cultural Center – Bitola

HEADQUARTERS:St. Car Samuil 297000 BitolaRepublic of North Macedonia EMAIL: WEBSITE: Youth Cultural Center – Bitola is a civil society organization that represents the interests of young people, develops their creative potential, and encourages activism by engaging in progressive, inclusive, and democratic processes. YCC – Bitola leads and coordinates projects and programs connecting young… Continue reading Youth Cultural Center – Bitola

United Artists Labour

HEADQUARTERS:Savska 511000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: Transformed out of the TkH platform, United Artists Labour is an independent (institutionally non-aligned, non-academic) platform for performative theoretical-artistic activism. It is made up of theorists and artists dealing with performance art, theater, film and visual arts.

The Pekinpah Association

HEADQUARTERS:Ob žici 31000 LjubljanaSlovenia EMAIL: WEBSITE: The Pekinpah Association (2007) unites professional designers, theoreticians, musicians, archiects, dancers & choreographers that are active in the field for numerous years. The Pekinpah Association thrives to enable best working conditions for associated artists as well as encouraging theory and theoretical work, interdisciplinarity and introducing products and… Continue reading The Pekinpah Association

The Other Sea

HEADQUARTERS:Filodrammatica, Korzo 28/251000 RijekaCroatia EMAIL: WEBSITE: Drugo more (The Other Sea) is a non profit organisation that produces, promotes, researches and disseminates culture. Working as an organisation in the field of arts and culture since 1999 – locally, regionally, internationally and interdisciplinary – we identify and explore topics of social relevance and of… Continue reading The Other Sea

Station – Service for Contemporary Dance

HEADQUARTERS:Cultural center Magacin, Kraljevića Marka 411000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: WEBSITE: STATION Service for contemporary dance is a bottom-up initiative of the contemporary dance and performing arts community in Serbia, established in 2005. It has been working towards making that community strengthened, structured, and recognized as a dynamic, critical and inclusive player on a local,… Continue reading Station – Service for Contemporary Dance

Remont – Independent Artistic Association

HEADQUARTERS:Maršala Birjuzova 711000 BelgradeSerbia EMAIL: WEBSITE: Remont – Independent Artistic Association is a dynamic organization operating in the field of contemporary visual arts. It was established by the group of progressive artists and art historians back in 1999. Through a wide range of activities – exhibiting, digitization, publishing, education, advisory, representative – Remont… Continue reading Remont – Independent Artistic Association

Operation City

HEADQUARTERS:Baruna Trenka 1110000 ZagrebCroatia EMAIL: WEBSITE: Operation City (former: Alliance Operation City; Alliance for the center for independent culture and youth – SZC) was founded with the purpose of supporting the development of the independent culture and self-organized activities of the youth. Organization realizes its goals by gathering organizations and individuals and organizing… Continue reading Operation City