The representatives of Kooperativa platform are currently on a smaller advocacy tour around Southeast Europe. On the 16th of December, Tihana Pupovac as the platform's coordinator and Luka Knežević-Strika as the board's vice-president were joined by Arba Hatashi, the director of Anibar International Animation festival for a meeting with the minister Hajrulla Çeku of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of the Republic of Kosovo and his senior advisor Nora Arapi Krasniqi.

Kooperativa presented its activities, as well as the model for exchange and cooperation in the region. During the meeting, they discussed different forms of regional cooperation and the importance of stable mechanisms for regional cooperation. A promising conversation was also started with the Ministry on how to empower Kosovo organizations to become even more involved in various cooperation and exchange models at the regional level, with already developed outlines of a plan on how to continue this dialogue.

Kooperativa left the meeting feeling encouraged to continue the cooperation, not only with the Ministry, but also with some new cultural organizations from Kosovo.