In April, Kooperativa visited two international funds for culture in order to gain insight into the functioning and models of cooperation between countries in their efforts to support and promote culture. 

Several interesting and constructive meetings were held in Finland and Denmark with the Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point and the repersentatives of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nordic Culture Point is an official Nordic cultural institution that administers three Nordic funding programs, runs a cultural center and library in Helsinki, and arranges cultural events. The activities create physical, financial and digital space for Nordic culture. The Nordic Culture Fund works to support an innovative and dynamic artistic and cultural scene in the Nordic Region. Both funds play a vital part in supporting the Nordic cultural scene and are a pillar of a stabile enviromenth for the growth and liveliness of the Nordic cultural scene.

At the meetings the Kooperativa team discussed topics and issues such as the development of the model of cooperation and its sustainability, the decision making and grant-giving processes, as well as challenges that may occur in these types of inter-governmental, long-term cooperations.

The study visit came as part of Kooperativa’s programme: research, modeling and advocacy for a sustainable institutional support for regional cooperation, and will be a part of a larger case study focusing on inter-governmental support for culture and civil society.