The Management Board

The Management Board manages Kooperativa between the two sessions of the Assembly. The Management Board is composed of five members elected by the Assembly for a three years term. The members of Management Board elect the President and two Vice Presidents from among themselves at its first session.

The Management Board

  • adopts the Rules of Procedures which defines in detail the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the members of Management Board, the ways of working and decision-making;
  • adopts the annual operating plan based on the three-year strategic plan adopted by the Assembly;
  • supervises the implementation of the annual operating plan;
  • reports to the Assembly on the realization of the strategic and annual operating plan;
  • manages the assets of the Association;
  • makes decisions on hiring the experts at the Association;
  • establishes and appoints committees and other bodies as appropriate, and defines their tasks;
  • performs other duties defined by the Statute and other general acts of the Association and in line with the Act;
  • reports on the activity to the Assembly.


The Management Board

Luka Knežević Strika (vice-president) is a photographer, visual artist and cultural worker. He contributes to various, mostly self-organized collective practices in the fields of art, spaces and activism. He founded or co-founded artistic collectives, artist-run spaces, programs and awards such as Belgrade raw, Jednostavno rečeno, Ostavinska, Commendation and Multimadeira. He served as a member and chairman of the Steering Comitee of the Association Independent culture scene of Serbia. He is involved as an educator and facilitator in the projects of support of migrants run by Group 484. In 2013, he was a curator of the yearly program of the Artget gallery of the Cultural centre of Belgrade. His works were shown in galleries and museums in Serbia, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, Estonia and are part of the October Salon collection. His photographs were published in weekly magazines, books and other publications.

Mistral Majer (member) is a producer, performer and theatre pedagogue/mentor/teacher/cultural educator/youth worker in the field of improvisational and street theatre in Slovenia. She comes from Ljubljana and is a member of Društvo Asociacija. She finds joining Kooperativa managing board a great new journey to engage in international independent cultural cooperations in the Balkans.

Davor Mišković (president) is a sociologist who works in the cultural sector. His work deals with artistic production and the research of cultural policy. From 2007 to 2004 he worked at the Croatian Ministry of Culture as an advisor for international cultural cooperation. From 2004 he runs the Drugo more organization, where he has engaged in research, organization of cultural programmes, galleries, festivals, conferences, seminars and workshops. He was the president of the Clubture Network. As part of the European Capital of Culture 2020, he organized the Doopolavoro program. He has worked with various municipal administrations on the improvement of their cultural systems and coordinated the writing of several cultural strategies of local cities. He taught at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.

Vullnet Sanaja (member) is a cultural worker and activist as well as the co-founder of Anibar. Throughout the past 14 years he has been engaged in advocacy, debate and civic initiatives related to the use and management of public infrastructure, development of cultural policies through civic-public partnership and creation of better conditions for the independent culture scene in Peja and Kosovo. In Kooperativa he joins as a board member to deepen cooperation and program exchange between advocates of independent culture in the region as well as to develop mechanisms for strengthening the capacities of the sector.

Tijana-Ana Spasovska (member) is an art historian and cultural activist working as a program and administrative coordinator for JADRO - Association of the independent culture scene in North Macedonia. She is one of the organizers of the CRIC - festival for critical culture, held in Skopje.